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An Experience Like No Other

Kitt Peak National Observatory
Tucson, AZ 85719
United States
520.318.8163 (Main Phone)
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The Kitt Peak Experience.. Like No Other!

Whether you take a guided tour during the day or view through one of our telescopes at night, you will find Kitt Peak National Observatory to be beautiful, inspiring, and educational. A visit is a great way to get closer to the universe. A summer visit provides a great escape from the daytime desert heat.

Nightly Observing Program: Your introductory, family-oriented stargazing program

This four-hour program is an introduction for beginning stargazers (individuals, couples, and families with children 8 years or older). This very popular program requires advanced reservations. The evening begins with a light supper, followed by a dramatic sunset viewing. Then our guides help you use star charts to locate constellations and take a binocular tour of the night sky. Lastly, you use the Visitor Center's research-class telescopes to visually observe a variety of astronomical objects, while also learning their importance.

Overnight Telescope Observing Program: Your exclusive, customized private astronomy program

This is your night on Kitt Peak! This is a private, overnight telescope observing program at the National Observatory. This personalized program is driven by your interests and goals. You can choose to spend all your time observing through the telescope, or you can take images using a Webcam, DSLR, or a CCD. A combination of the two modes is also possible. Three full meals are included and guests rest in their assigned dormitory rooms on the mountain at the end of the night. Requires advanced reservations.

Advanced Public Programs:
•Monthly Daytime V.I.P. Tours; beyond the scenes in-depth tours

•Advanced Astrophotography Workshop: November 6th-8th, 2015

Tour, stargazing, program and fee information and registration forms are at:

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