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Celestron Filter Set #94119-10 / Orion 5 Position Manual Filter Wheel

Conyers, GA 30094
United States
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For 1.25 EPs. Used but like Brand new. Used one time before I went with 2 inch EPs. This Kit includes: Wratten Filter type #15, #21, #80A, and polarizing filters. (Filters only for 25.00)

Filter description: The Celestron 1.25" Color Filter Set #1 color filters are mounted in black anodized aluminum cells with the Kodak Wratten Series Number individually engraved, and come available in 4 assorted kits packed in plastic cases. The cells of each filter are double-threaded, so they can be stacked (piggybacked) in various combinations. This allows you to create different color combinations and transmission characteristics, or to have the same color characteristic, but with a lower transmission. When stacking color filters, the effective transmission of the combination you create is equal to the product of the spectral transmission of each of the filters used.

For additional cost will include Orion Manual Filter Wheel also used only one time and like Brand New. Sure beats installing them in the EP every time. Filter Wheel only is 55.00.

Filter Wheel description: Handy and versatile wheel holds up to five 1.25" filters for visual and/or imaging use. A huge time-saver for filtered planetary and lunar observation using different color filters, or for tri-color astrophotography pursuits. Holds up to five 1.25" filters, or you can leave one space blank for unfiltered viewing - requires additional 20mm focus travel. Not recommended for use with Dobsonian reflectors. Protects installed eyepiece or astrophotography filters from scratches and impact, and keeps them ready for action.
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