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Join Slooh in Stanley, Idaho for the Eclipse! Spots Still Available!

Elk Meadows Group Campsite
Stanley, ID 83278
United States
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We’re packing the Space Situation Room up into the Slooh Airstream in Connecticut and heading to
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch in Stanley, Idaho, one of the first towns situated on the path of totality.
From there we’ll be using some of the most advanced equipment available to deliver up-close views of
the eclipse live as it happens, with commentary and perspective from the world’s leading experts in
solar eclipses.

In honor of what is expected to be the celestial event of the century, Slooh is hosting a 3-day long
festival celebrating all things Sun and Moon. Starting the evening of Friday, August 18 and running until
the morning of Tuesday, August 22. We’re inviting all current and new Slooh members to join us in Stanley, Idaho for a weekend of fun, science, music, and more at the Elk Meadows Campground. And the best part? It’s
completely free to all members of! Join us now!
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