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PrimaLuceLab - 50.8mm Hybrid-Drive Focuser for Newton

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The PrimaLuceLab 50.8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser is the ideal answer for observers searching for the highest quality focuser for imaging application at a very reasonable price!

This model presents, beneath the focuser tube, a rack and pinion that increases the load capacity of up to 8 Kg thereby maintaining position even in heavy cameras.

Usually classic Crayford focusers are good for visual utilize yet but do not meet the standard for astro-imaging. In fact, during the long exposures required by astrophotography, this type of focuser can cause camera slippage moving the sensor out of focus. The PrimaLuceLab 50,8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser for Newton, includes under the focuser tube a rack and pinion therefore keeping in position even heavy cameras (load limit up to 8 Kg). Below the focuser there's also a locking screw: closing it, you will be sure that your camera will not move any more!

The 50.8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser presents the connection for 50.8mm and 31.8mm accessories (comes with a handy 31.8mm reducer). It also features a convenient 1:11 fine focus gear, particularly useful when you need to focus at high magnification (for example when taking pictures ot the Moon and planets).

The focuser has a very low profile and 20mm travel: thanks to integrated extension, you can extrach the focuser of 50mm more. In this way you get 70mm total focus travel, perfect for both visual (for example eyepieces, with extension in outer position) and photographic use (for example cameras, with extension in inner position).
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