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Pyxis 3 inch Camera Field Rotator

Optec Inc
199 Smith St
Lowell, MI 49331
United States
1-888-488-0381 (Main Phone)
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Camera Field Rotator

Now available in 3 models

Stock # 17747 is the standard model at 61mm thick
Stock # 17746 is the AP2.7 Version with Female AP2.7 Thread at 50mm thick
Stock # 17748 is the DSI 3.5 Version with a threaded receiver at 51.5mm thick

The Pyxis 3" is a premium rotator that has a full 3" of clear aperture and is designed to hold large instrument packages without flexure or wobble. A 6-inch bronze worm gear and stainless worm rotate the center tube with a resolution of 0.01875 degree per step from the stepper motor. De-rotation of the field for long exposure images with alt-azimuth mounted telescope and rotation of the guide chip for SBIG camera to a suitable bright guide star are the two primary uses of this instrument. Power requirements and other operating conditions are similar to the 2-inch Pyxis model.

Like the 2-inch Pyxis model, the unit can only be controlled by a PC computer running the Optec PYXIS.exe control software or third party compatible software. Manual control is not possible. A flat wire serial cable is available for connection to a standard RS-232 interface COM port at 19.2K baud. Standard lengths and custom lengths up to 100 feet are possible. Cables and COM port adapters need to be ordered separately. A 15 VDC regulated power supply is included with a right angle 2.5 mm power jack. Stepping up to 15 volts DC provides about 20% more torque without sacrificing speed.

Kit comes with Pyxis 3" Rotator and a 15VDC Power Supply.

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