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ID# 000452

TCF-Lynx 3" Temperature Compensating Focuser

Optec Inc
Lowell, MI 49331
United States
1-888-488-0381 (Main Phone)
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TCF-Lynx 3" Stock #19706

Combining the versatility of the FocusLynx Focuser Control Hub and the extreme robust mechanical design of the original TCF-S3 3-inch Temperature Compensating Focuser, the new TCF-Lynx3 combines the best of both worlds! Our new stock #19706 includes a new low-impedance 50:1 gearhead bipolar stepper motor and the new FocusLynx control hub with capability to drive a second focuser, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB/serial connectivity.

No corners were cut with this model. The massive drawtube has a 3.00-inch I.D. and is made from 7075, the strongest of the commercial aluminum alloys. To prevent any slippage common to Crayford style focusers, the drive rod is pressed onto the drawtube with a force of about 500 pounds. The TCF-S3 can take this extreme pressure because the drive rod is made from a ground bar of high speed steel with a diameter of 0.375 inch. Hardened rails of stainless steel are embedded in the drawtube to engage the drive rod and take the strain.

The total linear travel of the drawtube is 1.00-inch with a resolution of 0.0001-inch.

For owners of the Paramount ME, Optec offers a special kit that can conveniently wire the TCF-S3 through the mount. In addition, both the IFW and Pyxis can also be mounted and wired through the mount for easier use and less cables.

The TCF-Lynx3 along with our new 3-inch to 2-inch and 2-inch to 1-1/4 inch self-centering compression collars shown above help to create the most robust and concentric hardware focuser solution available.

Kit comes with:

TCF-Lynx Focuser
Temperature Probe
12V Power Supply
FocusLynx Controller Hub (stock #19690)
RJ12 Serial to USB Cable in 6' length
CAT5E-Super Flat 7 foot cable
Operating disc
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