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ID# 000300

Tele Vue Telescope Mounts

Tele Vue Optics, Inc.
Chester, NY 10918
United States
845.469.4551 Eastern Time (Main Phone)
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Since portability and ease-of-use are design goals for all Tele Vue telescopes, we developed alt-azimuth mounts which share these same goals. The Tele Vue yoke and cradle design offers balanced, smooth motions. Tripod selection ranges from the extremely portable aluminum Tele-pod to the rock-solid, wooden Gibraltar.

Tele Vue Sky Tour computerized object locating system integrates seamlessly with our mounts. Quick setup 2-star alignment allows observing fixed objects without fiddling with latitude, longitude, date or time inputs. Easy to use Guide mode shows you the direction to move the scope in order to center the selected object. Sky Tour adds R.A./Decl. digital position readout to mounts.

● Tele-Pod
A complete, lightweight telescope mount featuring smooth alt-azimuth motions. Perfect for our smaller, travel-easy refractors.

● Panoramic
While the Tele-Pod represents the most travel friendly mount for our smaller scopes, for more rigidity under heavier loads, we took the Tele-Pod head and adapted it to our fine Panoramic wooden tripod.

● Gibraltar HD4
Our longer, heavier 4" scopes are best matched to the rock-solid Gibraltar HD4 high-damping mount. The thicker wood legs best handle the loads, especially for high power viewing. Evan at high planetary magnifications, the Gibraltar HD mounts settle quicker than you can snap your fingers!

● Gibraltar HD5
Our bigger Gibraltar HD5 mount mates the Gibraltar HD tripod with a larger, heavier alt-az head. The head is an inch wider than the original Tele-Pod version, has larger bearings, and cradle holes to accept the Tele Vue NP127 baseplate as well as all other Tele Vue scopes. Even at high planetary magnifications, the Gibraltar HD mounts settle quicker than you can snap your fingers!

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