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Working 1/12 scale model 2" f/11 Maksutov telescope

50840 Pete Rd PO BOX 699
AGUILA, AZ 85320-0699
United States
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2"f/11 Maksutov with tiny diagonal prism. OTA is just 4 1/2" long x 2.4" diameter machined aluminum. Miniature 29x thru 95x eyepieces. 8 oz. OTA.

Newtonian that has an 8" long x 1 3/4" dia. machined aluminum tube with a tiny 1 1/2" f/4.5 primary mirror and 1/2" minor axis elliptical diagonal mirror. Included is a miniature 3 eyepiece set for 9x thru 29x eyepieces. 5 1/2 oz. OTA.

A very fast 2"f/6 Catadioptric miniature Cassegrain is also available. Has same tiny diagonal prism and miniature eyepiece set. 15x thru 50x eyepieces. 5 oz. OTA.

The OTAs are to be considered as one-of-a-kinds. They are only available with below described German equatorial mounts.


The miniature 1/12 scale mounts are also available separately with many options such as dual axis DC, reversible variable speed drives that run off a typical 9VDC battery. Bronze RA gear is just 1" diameter with 100 teeth. Mating steel worm (1/4" dia.) runs in ball bearings and is very smooth. RA worm gear has normal curved edge tooth profile and is mounted in an adjustable tension slip clutch. Motors are tiny 3/8" diameter with planetary gear reductions. These deliver variable slew thru set speeds, but will not track at slower sidereal rate. Declination motion is via a tangent screw drive. Bronze/brass/stainless steel and some 3D printed parts compose these mostly metal mounts.

There are many other OTA possibilities you can build. The mount saddle is made to fit a 1 3/4" diameter tube. Could be a cardboard kitchen foil tube or ...? Put a webcam with telephoto lens together for $30 in that tube for computer monitor viewing at the office. A bathroom tissue tube makes for an f/2.5 model OTA in a pinch.

These are proudly hand made by the retired owner/machinist/instrument builder of Astro Works (for 38 years) which has been closed for a few years now. Once these already built mounts are sold out, there will not be any more.

Questions to, but please visit the detailed website(s) first.
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