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ZEISS APQ 130/1000 Purest optical perfection

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ZEISS APQ 130/1000 latest generation.
Once-in-a-lifetime ownership of pinnacle of optical perfection. Trying to raise funds for the ZEISS APQ 150/1200.

Officially Zeiss closed the amateur telescopes division in the mid 1990s but some OTAs with newer lens assemblies were
purchased later in time by Baader and sold by Baader.

Lens in perfect condition. OTA exceptional. Tiny ( 1mm or less) paint scuff on side of black Cell where dew shield goes inserted into perimeter
groove of cell ( Dew shield comes on-off with 3 small metric allen screws which sink in the 360 groove). Rail on tube fits DOVE08 saddle or any saddle that accepts 1.5" width rail.
OTA ca. 2002 , included Interferometer Test Report shows in green light (543nm) amazing 98.7% strehl ( Zeiss APQ triplett lenses were also photo-visual corrected) and an outstanding 10nm rms ,
very, very smooth plane across the 130mm with almost no deviation from the reference wavelenght. These are real meausurements , NOT "theoretical strehl" like some vendors of other brands advertise. Optical surfaces extremely smooth. Result? Optical theory built as reality in it's purest form.
Airy disks concentrated in the smallest area, so planetary contrast, detail, resolution un-equalled , along with top notch mechanical construction
such as later generation thermo-compensation Cell, precision helical focuser and quick-focus drawtube (light grey in pics), once you chose angle you tighten collar around drawtube ( allows fast focus by pushing or pulling smooth drawtube then helical focuser for fine focusing), Finder bracket rotates 360 around focuser without losing alignement with scopes's optical axis ( done thru knob -not seen in pics-its on other side of bracket), 2" adapter ,7.5x42 Zeiss finder ( a jewel optically and mechanically) .

OTA weighs 24 pounds as seen in pics ( no added accessories in pics). Binoviewers reach focus by inserting in the front of a 2" diagonal the AstroPhysics BARADV barlow's front portion.
Main Objective glass: ZEISS spent 10 years developing the perfect oil for the oil-spaced triplett APQ series , assuring it will last decades.
I have read on CloudyNights blogs of users of other scopes brands dealing with oil problems ,
and even on some AM ads sellers selling their (other brands) scopes stating "re-oiled" . Not with Zeiss APQ series. With Zeiss oil-spacing, engineering has been brought to highest degree of quality. Lens AR coatings : works superbly. ( AR coatings were patented in Germany by Zeiss and are still the world's best standard ). Also, Zeiss glass is the most transparent in the world.

Oil spacing prevents mold/fungus/debris from ever entering between the 3 lenses. Oil spaced tripletts also cool down faster than air-spaced. Oil spaced lenses also are free of erratic spacing variations around lens perimeter unlike edges of 3 lenses spaced at separate distances from each other by spacers .
And air-spaced objectives could suffer from mold/fungus living between the lenses( which can etch the glass too).
Zeiss genuine Fluorite element sandwiched between two outer low dispersion glass elements , lens is corrected for photo-visual , exceptional un-equalled anywhere in the world purest color correction. Under stable air mass it's easy to see why Zeiss APQ is still considered the pinnacle of optical perfection, consistently outperforming other scopes in all areas of optical examination.

Over the years I worked at 2 Observatories , and also in the optics sales industry. I used in the past couple AP 130 EDF scopes , a few Taks, 1 TEC 140. More consistency with Taks FS 102s and 128s, they produce very good images but some spurious color is present, the TOA 130 is better but it's air spaced, don't know about humid climates and air-spaced lenses again because of mold/fungus...( so middle element is still potentially at risk) . TEC 140 starting soon will use oil spaced fluorite sandwiched , but....TEC, AP and others WILL NOT provide buyer with an Optical Test Report , in essence a buyer never knows what they are getting. There is definitely inconsistencies of quality with most brands . Proof? A major dealer in MD has seen observed optical variations on TECs : some are great, some ok.
AP? airylab site ( Lab in France) tested 5 OTAs from different batches from different years of the AP 130EDF ( that lab also tested different brands, i have the links), those 5 AP scopes are all over the board with Strehl in green light , varies depending on which ota was tested, some show 91% , other 93% ( frankly not good), other 97% ( much better).
And CFF ? No personal experience , wanted to try a 160 but i received complaints on their optical quality ( got messages from users).

In life, we all work hard, we all sweat. But the finest is for those who know. Over 160 years of Zeiss history culminated in this scope.
But it is with deep regret i have to sell it. $11,950.00 NET to me , pick up in southern Nevada . Or we can meet within 300 miles or further ? ( you pay my travel). Shipping is risky, UPS destroys and does not pay Claims. Fedex is spotty. This is the telescope that will last you till the end on Earth, treat it with love like i have . I prefer to not ship, but if i do, add to shipping the Insurance + crating, might be expensive.

Allow me up to several hours to reply to email , thanks.


cell (702) 285-4006
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